Friday, December 7, 2012

{in the picture} time to celebrate!

OK, it's the first Friday of the month so it's time for our self-portrait theme announcement. But it's also the last month of the year and we are nearing the end of our journey together. I can't believe it was a year ago that I had this idea in my head to host a one year self-portrait community project here on my blog. At the time, I was on the verge of completing my first 52 weeks of selfies from 2011. I knew I wanted to continue in 2012 but I also knew that I was going to need a little help and inspiration to pull it off.

All of you--whether you participated here with one self-portrait or 50--provided that inspiration to me and more this past year. Just knowing that you were out there kept me shooting during those times when I just wanted to give up, so thank you.

So to recognize the final leg of our 2012 {In The Picture} project (and the holiday season) I think our theme this month should be "Celebrate"!

Do a twirl, jump for joy, raise your glass, pose in your favorite holiday outfit, deck yourself instead of decking the halls, or have a quiet moment to yourself and think back upon the year. I hope you'll feel that you took a step forward with your photography, and more importantly, how you see yourself. Most of you started this journey quite frightened by the idea of stepping in front of the camera. I hope you are as pleased and proud as I am of the progress you made.

Have a great month, and I'll see you back here on December 28 for our final linky party! As I hinted the other day, I've decided to end the project here on the blog at the end of this year but I plan to keep our flickr group going with monthly themes in 2013 so I hope you will join me there. I'm also going to share some links to some other self-portrait projects and classes that are happening in 2013 so stay tuned!

P.S. Speaking of celebration, I'm celebrating silence over at Mortal Muses today. Please do pop by and say hello :)


Sandra said...

What wonderful and inventive self-portraits, Christy! I love them all: the first one with the dove and the waves and you flapping your own wings to join the dove! However, my favourite shot is the second one with half of your face and flowers in your hair. Wonderful!
I've really enjoyed this year-long journey of self-portraits and it has helped me get into a 'new place' within myself. So thank you for being the hostess for the whole year long!

Stefano Davanzo said...

Beautiful ^_^


Sueann said...

I love your portrait with the snow crystals. Beautiful

Cheryl said...

I want to thank you for pushing me out there. I'm not afraid to be in front of the camera anymore.

gina said...

This has been a great practice for me and I look forward to continuing on flickr. Thanks for organizing and hosting us. Your selfies are terrific, especially the second one!

SpilledInkGuy said...

Stunning work, U.M...

This is Belgium said...

what great autoportraits ! congrats