Friday, August 3, 2012

{in the picture} august theme

It's August. It's hot and humid. I hope you are still up for playing along with some self-portraits! Our optional theme this month might sound hard at first, but it's actually pretty easy. In August, I want you to capture the theme "my life, right now".

Try to take a selfie that captures a moment that you will look back on and say, oh yeah, I remember that! Maybe it's you with the book you are currently reading, or a shot of you with your new haircut. Maybe you'll capture an emotion you are feeling, a fantastic meal you are eating, or a fun vacation shot! Like I said, this one may sound difficult at first blush, but it's actually a pretty open theme when you think about it.

Here are a couple of examples. This first one brings back great memories of my vacation to Maine last year (and also how I ran back and forth countless times from my camera to get this shot!)

the lake

And this next one brings back some pretty raw emotion for me, but it's a moment I am glad I captured. It's also one of the first selfies I took with my Polaroid camera last year.

another one lost...

OK, so you get the idea? Try to capture a moment or a memory in your life, right now. We'll see you back here for our monthly link-up on Friday, August 31 (by the way, the July linky is still open for a few more hours if you want to join us here).

You may have noticed I've been laying off the interviews for the summer, but I hope to have a new one lined up for you come September. Have a great weekend everyone!


gina said...

These two selfies are terrific -- that first shot is amazing! August's theme sounds like fun. Have a great weekend!

LeAnne said...

Great theme...especially for where I am in "my life, right now." I've failed dismally the last couple of months, but will try harder this month :)

maxipix said...

Your fist shot is a work of art.... clearly you worked for that image. I admire your efforts. Greta result.

Justine said...

love that first shot, wonderful!

Anonymous said...

I love both your shots! the reflection on the first one is amazing!!!

SpilledInkGuy said...

I wish my right now looked half as nice as yours did / does, U.M... beautiful!

Sandra said...

I just love your two self portraits! That first one with a double water shadow is terrific and I can feel the raw emotion of the second capture.
I've just finished my August them shots ready to join the link-up!