Friday, April 27, 2012

{in the picture} april linky party!

Well hello there~thanks for stopping by today. I know this last self-portrait theme was not everyone's cup of tea but I hope some of you enjoyed it as much as I did! It felt good to shake off the negative thoughts and start fresh.

While I did do some dancing around in front of the camera, in the end this shot with my trusty iPhone was my favorite. I didn't do a lot of planning beyond knowing I wanted to use this old chair, and the rest just sort of came together during the shoot. As you can see, I'm shaking all of the darkness out of my head!

shake it out

And I saw you shaking and jumping and twirling in the flickr pool, so I know some of you got into the spirit of this theme too! Check out all of these awesome images...

{in the picture} shake it out!

Okay so down to business. You can link up today with any self-portrait (even if it doesn't relate to this month's theme). And hey, it's not too late to shake it out if you are inspired by this post~the linky will stay open until Thursday 5/3.

As a are our usual rules:
  • If you are new here, you can get caught up on this page. It's not too late to join!
  • There will be a link up here on the last Friday of every month, and the linky tool will remain open to your submissions until the following Thursday.
  • Please link back to the permalink for your {In The Picture} blog post or flickr image, not just the general url for your blog or flickr stream.
  • Linked entries must be to a blog post or flickr image of your recent self-portraits, not just any old photo. Your photo does not have to relate to the optional monthly theme, but it does need to be a self-portrait. Links will be moderated and removed if they do not comply with this rule, sorry :)
  • Please do link back here to my blog either through a text link, or with my button found below to help encourage others to participate and add to our group.
  • And most importantly, be the encouragement you hope to receive and help build our self-portrait community! Please try to visit a few of the links of your fellow {In The Picture} participants and leave a nice comment--it only takes a few minutes and you may be inspired by what you see :)

Well, that's get linking everyone. Even if you didn't shake it out I still want to see what you've been up to this past month. I'll see you back here on Friday, May 4, for our next theme announcement ...hmmm what will it be? In the meantime, keep showing us your stuff in our flickr pool

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admin said...

I love love love this especially as it was captured on your iphone - my camera of choice when I am out & about! I hope you shook out all the negative charges & can move on to positive times! Thank you for hosting & inspiring us each month. Sarah x

Unknown said...

Thanks for hosting again, your photos are always so inspiring! Love the rose in this shot too.

Marji said...

You are awesome, Christy. Thanks for hosting this amazing self portrait journey and providing all of us with inspiring examples.

tinajo said...

Love these self portraits and will try to take one myself before thursday! :-)

Unknown said...

yes, this is the time of year to shake out the wintery blues and get into a good springtime vibe. hope you are there - i think i'll get there once this rainy English weather finally dries up! and your prompts and blog have inspired me to do a creative selfie each month - rather than one of me & my family. look forward to linking up next month. xoxo

Cheryl said...

Hi Christy, I love the mosaic of selfies.

Jo Murray said...

Your photos are always inspiring Christy. I was delighted to see one of my shots in your mosaic... thanks.

Sandra said...

Great shot of you in the chair which is a lovely shape. I like the way you're shaking old stuff out of your head! I bet that felt good!
Thank you for putting my selfie up in the monthly mosaic. I actually had a lot of fun with this month's theme and I feel that I should dance around more often, just for the liberating feeling it gave me!
Happy to continue this inner journey with you and all the others!

Leah said...

So glad to be getting back to {in the picture} again. I love your shot and all the others. I decided to take a selfie before I checked into Urban Muser, so alas, no dancing.

Zena said...

Love your shot and also the beautiful mosaic, it communicates a wonderful sense of movement and freedom. I haven´t had time enough this month to play with this idea, but I am sure I am going to reintroduce it in my selfportraits sooner or later because it´s very appealing... anyway I am happy to be here.

(mymoonlog) said...

I love the mosaic...The best Blog,
Please join my community Blog...Thanks

Lisa Gordon said...

I LOVE it!
This is a great shot Christy!
Happy Sunday to you!

shirley said...

Shake it out is now my favorite song - so powerful! And so is your photo, Christy.
I finally got my April selfies post up - so behind after being away this past week.
And thank you for the honor of being included with such wonderful talent in this month's mosaic. It has been a wonderful challenge.

Becs said...

Love your shot so much. And great mosaic too. Thank you for hosting.

Jen said...

yay, that was fun! great shots.

Jen said...

so much fun, and great shots