Friday, March 23, 2012

{in the picture} an interview with elle hanley

It's time for the third interview in our {In The Picture} series and I am so happy to introduce you to Elle Hanley today. I discovered Elle's work on flickr last year and I was in awe of her self-portraits from the first moment I encountered them. See for yourself below--take a look at her amazing images, and learn a little more about Elle and her'll be glad you did...

1. Was there ever a time when you couldn't imagine taking self-portraits or have you always been comfortable in front of the camera? Do you remember when the self-portrait "bug" bit you?

Most of my life I couldn’t imagine taking a self-portrait to be honest! I’ve never felt particularly at ease in front of the camera but through self-portraiture I’ve learned to become comfortable in my own skin and not so critical of myself. I suppose the “bug” first hit me when I stumbled across some of the self-portrait groups on flickr. I was really intrigued by how one would actually go about taking ones photo and get them to look as cool as what I was seeing. I started paying attention to lighting, angles, and poses and began trying it myself learning as I went along. It’s still that way. :)

running water
348 | 365

2. Your self-portraits are sometimes whimsical, sometimes magical, sometimes mysterious,sometimes all three of these things! How much planning goes into your shots--the setting, your clothing, props, etc.? Where does your inspiration come from?

Well, last year when I was doing a 365 I didn’t have too much time to plan and try out particular shots so everything was simpler and I used pops of color to make my photos more interesting. Now that I’ve got the time I’m really enjoying planning my shots out more and thinking about the angles and how I want the final image to look. I find most of my inspiration comes from nature and reflections of days gone by. I love a vintage feel and prefer to shoot on location in natural light.

the feral green
355 | 365

3. Do you have a favorite self-portrait or series of self-portraits?

Actually my favorites change all the time. Is that bad? I think right now I really like “in the deep end”. It was one of those where all of a sudden it clicks and you know exactly how you want your final image to look. I also love “little bird”. It was an outtake actually but finished it’s so textured and lovely it seems like it could be an ancient painting.

in the deep end
a little bird told me

4. Do you feel that you have discovered anything new about yourself through your self-portraiture?

I’ve learned to see myself as a part of a whole image, got to try on different characters and learned how much I love photography. It’s allowed me to remember how important it is to have a creative outlet in your life.

all of eden's apples
the webs we weave

5. Do you have any advice for someone just starting out on a journey of self-portraiture?

Well, if you’re shy like me then trust me; this will be so good for you! Selfies don’t have to be headshots. They can be lovely simple images of your hands or feet. Whatever you are comfortable with. I’ve taken so many selfies with my head out of frame it’s become a known and favored style of mine. You’ll find all this so much easier with a tripod and a remote. There’s no way I could’ve done some of my images without them. Those along with your camera are the three tools you’ll want to make self-portraiture your game.

322 | 365
327 | 365
304 | 365

* * * * * * *

Elle Hanley is a fine art photographer who lives and works in Seattle, Washington. Her work can be seen on flickr where she is known as Lady Miss Elle and on her website. She also blogs at Elle Hanley Photography.  Thank you Elle for taking the time to share a bit more about yourself with us today--your work has inspired me in so many ways and I am sure my readers here will feel the same way!

* * * * * * *

Hey all ~ don't forget to stop back here on Friday, March 30 for our next self-portrait linky party! I can't wait to see you {In The Picture}.

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Kathryn Dyche said...

Amazing self portraits. As someone who doesn't like to get infront of a camera these are a big inspiration.

Sueann said...

Wow! Such masterful portraits!! They are all beautiful!
Nice meeting her too!

deb did it said...

Hello Elle,
Nice to meet you here!
Now I am a huge fan of yours, as I adore your creative and evocative photographs.Thank you for sharing yourself with us here, and being such an inspiration.

kelly said...

Wow! These are fantastic!

SpilledInkGuy said...

Inspiring, indeed, U.M...
can't wait to check out more of Ms. H.'s work...
so very nice...

Anonymous said...

Amazing photography and self portraits! She reminds me of Brooke Shaden. Thanks for sharing her work. I am now a new fan :D

Elle Hanley said...

thank you so much Christy for your interest in my work and for this interview. it is so wonderful to be included along with the other amazing self-portraiture artists you've featured. and a heartfelt thanks to those who have commented too~

thanks so much!

Jo Murray said...

Lovely photos and so much information. Thanks Christy.

The Artful Diva said...

These are some of the most imaginative photos I have ever seen. I cannot imagine how Elle sets up her camera to take these shots.

Anonymous said...

Every single shot is breathtaking. This interview is really an inspirations. Thank you to both of you!

Lisa Gordon said...

Elle's images are just gorgeous!
Thank you for sharing this here.
Sending you wishes for a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

what a great interview! Thanks, Christy, for the introduction!! Really beautiful & inspirational stuff.

Marji said...

Love this. Thanks for introducing Elle. And she's here in my town!

Lynne Daley said...

Beautiful images and a very informative posts. Elle gives me inspiration! Thanks for posting these great interviews!

Tracey said...

Wow, such amazing self-portraits, and such interesting reflections.

Barbara said...

Such beautiful works of art - and fascinating to find out about the inspiration behind them.

This is Belgium said...

gorgeous photos and interesting interview

michelle gd said...

a wonderful interview amazing self-portraits. they are stunning and evocative. what a pleasure to spend these moments here with my cup of tea...