Friday, February 17, 2012

{in the picture} an interview with deb ~deb did it~

I am so happy to bring you the second interview in our {In The Picture} series. Today you will meet Deb...or "Deb Did It" as she is known on flickr. Deb is one of the most self-confident, brave and beautiful souls I have "met" on the interwebs and I hope you will take a moment to read about her and feast your eyes on her amazing work...

1.  Was there ever a time when you couldn't imagine taking self-portraits or have you always been comfortable in front of the camera? Do you remember when the self-portrait "bug" bit you?

I have always been comfortable on either side of a camera. As a portrait photographer, it helps when I am working with a client because I create a playful, nurturing, safe environment to really capture the true spirit of a person. Once they trust me, we let go, get wild and free.

love stitches

The self-portrait bug bit me hard during an online class with Misty Mawn and then it really went wild with e-courses I have taken this past year with Vivienne McMaster. I had no idea how much I could learn from self-portrait challenges and prompts. I never dreamt of layering, double exposing or shooting into the sun while twirling like a girl. Flickr groups also keep me on my toes with inspiration for self-portraiture, as the challenges continue to “raise the bar” for me.


My passion is to photograph people. The human spirit is so interesting and alive, telling a story with facial expressions, body postures or even with costumes and props. If I can capture that moment with a click, I have a story in print. Someone commented recently about the way I post on my blog… “how many photos does one need of herself?” My answer to that question is this… I happen to always be the person available for a photo session. So when I want to create art with my camera, I grab my tripod, best friend remote and take myself on a playdate. So if my photos inspire, ignite and invigorate someone else to experiment with self-portraiture, then the ripple effect has been worth it. Besides, I am documenting my own life, visually, all along the way.

bare and beautiful

2.  You exude such confidence and positive energy in your self-portraits--how much planning goes in to your shots, and where does your inspiration come from? 

I am completely random and spur of the moment. Recently on the way to a photo shoot I was early, and as I passed by an old abandoned barn, the morning light was soft and inviting, so I pulled into the field, stripped down bare and in 5 minutes created this shot. It's one of my favorites, because I was giggling on the inside, listening to the cars pass by!

So many of my selfies occur in moments right after I pass by an interesting location on the side of a country road. I live in a rural Texas area, so privacy is rarely an issue. Because I am warm natured, always shooting outdoors the weather certainly is my inspiration, hand in hand of course with all different types of light during the day. I NEVER shoot with a flash.

be yourself

3.  Do you have a favorite self-portrait or series of self-portraits?

My You Are Your Own Muse set on my flickr site is a collection of self-portraits that represent my playfulness, my pain, my joy, my stories in photos, and glimpses of my life. I live my life large, in vibrant color, always reinventing myself and willing to risk new adventures. Self-portraits for me, are like creating my very own visual diary, documenting this wild journey that I am living and loving. 

windmill blades

4.  Do you feel that you have discovered anything new about yourself through your self-portraiture?

Well, I was asked that recently by another photographer, and my answer was simple…"I discovered that I look pretty in purple silk” because I am an odd mixture of Tomboy-Hippie Chick-Bohemian-Twirly Girl. But deeper than that I will say this…

I don’t wear a bra, make-up or proper shoes with dresses. I no longer shave anything, eat meat, own a TV or read newspapers. My teeth are crooked, not white. My skin is dry and sun damaged. My butt is dimply and my tummy curvy. I am skinny, hyper and fidgety. I talk loud, cuss like a sailor and drink red wine. I am beautiful, different and bold. Naturist, spontaneous, curious, wild and free. She is me, I love me.

The Beauty of Different

get happy

5.  What advice do you have for someone who is just beginning their journey into self-portraiture?

Shoot Shoot Shoot. Lots of photos. Be home alone. Sip a bit of wine. Play some music. Silence that inner critic. Whether you capture the sad and lonely mood or twirly happy silly. It matters not. It is YOU. Beautiful YOU. And you do not have to share those photos with anyone else but beautiful YOU. Go ahead, fall in love with yourself. Self-portraiture can be very healing, nurturing and liberating.

Deb gets layered

hidden, not hiding

* * * * * * *
Deb lives in Texas, where she owns and operates Happy Belly, her 27 foot Airstream commercial kitchen serving healthy sandwiches, salads, soups, sweets and her famous Green Smoothies. She is a passionate health foodie, photographer and blogger at What's Deb Doing. You can see more of Deb and her work in her flickr stream, on facebook and at instagram where her handle is @debdidit.

Thank you Deb for your honesty and for allowing me to share your artistry here at {In The Picture}! It was great to get a taste of what you do on those sparsely populated roadsides in Texas. I am personally inspired by your bold, brave, beautiful style and it was fun to learn more about you, your inspirations and how you use self-portraiture as a means to document your wild and wonderful life.

* * * * * *
Hey all ~ don't forget to stop back here on Friday, February 24 for our next self-portrait linky party! Almost 100 people linked up last month (wow) and I hope to see you all here again.  I can't wait to see you {In The Picture}.

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Jennifer said...

Deb did it again! This interview is gorgeous, amazing, and so inspiring. Reading this post was a wonderful way to start the day. Thank you for the uplifting words and awesome images.

Unknown said...

Bravo for interviewing such a real woman as Deb. She is a great example of authentic at its best.

d smith kaich jones said...

What you see with Deb is what you get. She is the woman you see in these images, and even more. Fabulous interview - thanks to both of you!

Sueann said...

What a fantastic interview!!

Kim Stevens said...

This . . . was so awe inspiring and how do you not just love someone that is honest and real and I can only hope to be as brave. I did participate last month, but am still having trouble getting in front of that lens . . . I think this may have given me the kick in the behind I need! Thank you so much for sharing, really, thank you!!

Linda said...

I really enjoyed this! It is nice to read about someone who is real and not afraid of it. Thanks for sharing this.

Kmcblackburn said...

Thank you for choosing this interview, so motivational )

Unknown said...

What an inspiring interview!!! I've sllllllowy been taking photographs of myself since joining this project. I need to start stepping out of the self portraiture box and try some new things. Looking around the flikr group has given me so much inspiration! Deb is right, this way of photography sure does help you get to know yourself. And start BEING who you are on the inside.

Meri said...

Deb is one of a kind, the real thing. She's also a great travel companion and roomie on trips. And a twirly girl-hippie chick giggle.

seabluelee said...

"She is me, I love me."
I love you too! Thanks for baring and sharing! Great interview.

Bella said...

I love Deb. She is the real deal.
Such a lovely gal, and a true inspiration!!

Catherine Denton said...

Thanks for introducing me to Deb. I needed her tips! Second month and I'm still uncomfortable in front of the camera. Maybe I'll try her red wine idea...
Catherine Denton

kt40s said...

Oh what joy! I loved this interview and what a treat to see photos of deb that i had not seen before, simply breathtaking! deb you inspire me, make me want to set my self timer and go for it!!
much love katy

amie sikes - junk gypsy said...

WE LOVE deb! i mean LOVE! what a lil blessing! what an inspiration!

Jo Murray said...

Love the interview. love Deb, love her pictures. Well done!

Barbara said...

Enjoyed this - her creativity and playfulness is inspiring!

Cheryl said...

I'm so pleased you discovered Deb. She is truly inspiring. In fact, she is the reason I jumped on the band wagon with you at "in the picture".

Anika said...

What a fantastic interview! Glad I got to "meet" Deb, she sounds like a remarkable woman, definitely one to admire. Thanks for sharing!

Simon said...

What an inspiration!! Thank you Deb and thank you Christy for sharing Deb with us.
I love the line "the person who is available for a photo session". I like too that reading Deb is like giving yourself (myself) permission to play-to find something good, to delete something that doesn't appeal-to capture a variety of moods.
Looking forward to seeing more.

Serena Lewis said...

A fabulous and inspiring post! Deb, you are amazing!

Barbara said...

Wow, such a great interview with such an inspiring woman.

Stephanie said...

Thanks so for featuring Deb...she has to be one of the most beautiful, original and authentic women I have ever had the privilege to meet and spend time with.

great! interview

Steve said...

A wonderful write up and pics of Deb!

Amy said...

Deb, you're completely awesome. xoxo

SpilledInkGuy said...

I've never seen any of your work I didn't like, but you do an incredible job with these interviews / profiles as well, U.M... very inspirational, indeed!

Kimberly June said...

Finally got a chance to read this. So inspiring. I envy her courage and spirit and time alone!

rebecca said...

how do you spell DELICIOUS?
D E B of course!

followed with a sultry BRAVO!!!
i love a girl who is all inspiration.
no holes barred.

that's my girl!