Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fall, Football & iPhoneography

Fall is upon us and that means football season is here. OK, I admit it, I have been a New York Giants fan all my life.  We've had season tickets in the family since I was a kid.  Here is Hub in our seats in the old Giants Stadium (last row!) before they tore it down earlier this year.

This is a shot from about 6 months ago when the stadium was about half-way destroyed.  I can't tell you how many football games and concerts I went to in that stadium.  I kind of miss it.

The brand new stadium is nice and all, but I'd take my old Giants Stadium back any day.  We had our first home game this past Sunday.  It was a cloudy, rainy day.

{iPhone, format126}

They opened the game with all sorts of fanfare, including a military flyover.

{just iPhone, no fancy apps}

We are still in the last row of the stadium in our new seats!  Oh, and our team won.  Yay!!

{iPhone, Plastic Bullet}

I am linking up today to Pasando's phoneography meme.

I am also getting ready to share a link to my new iPhoneography blog with you later today!  It's a straightforward and simple little photoblog where I can really easily send photos directly from my iPhone.  No text, no stories, no babble, just photos taken and processed with my trusty iPhone 3GS. I just have a few more adjustments to make and I want to make a button for easy access if you want to check it out.  More later, have a great day!


Ashley Sisk said...

WOW - that iphone shot is amazing. I'm looking forward to your new blog.

Jamie said...

Love, love the shot of the stadium under the clouds - so cool!

Anika said...

So glad you linked up!! Those photos are great! I love what happens to the colors and clouds with the iPhone-really cool contrast effect. I look forward to seeing your phone blog!
Thanks for joining in the fun!

R Montalban said...

So glad that you linked up too.

Hey Harriet said...

Hello! I popped over from Anika's blog. I've been enjoying your iphone photos for ages now! I'm looking forward to seeing your iPhoneography blog! I finally acquired an iphone a couple of weeks ago & had no idea it would be so addicting!

Anonymous said...

So jealous you have season tickets! I love the Giants too! :D

Pretty Young Thing said...

I am a HUGE Giants fan & was sooo torn about buying tickets!!! I'm definitely jealous you have them...must be a blast tailgating every week!!!

Sunday is going to be awesome...lets go Eli!!!

Unknown said...

Isn't it amazing the kinds of shots iPhones can churn out?? It's my favorite part of having one!

I'm a huge hockey fan, and our arena here in Pittsburgh saw its final game last May. The Penguins will be playing in a new arena this year and it's so bittersweet. So many great memories were made at the old arena! :(

Gina said...

These are iPhone photos?!?!?!?! Crazy! Do NOT tell my husband that the iPhone photos are this good, I'll never hear the end of it!