Sunday, June 6, 2010

Very Handy

Thanks for the comments and encouraging words about my foray into entrelac knitting.  I'll keep you all posted when I decide to start my Lady E. For those who said that they are afraid to try entrelac, all I can say is if I can do definitely can!  Here are some links to the  handy tutorials that helped me. First I used this one (you will need to sign up but it's free)--it was originally printed in Interweave Knits and it's good. But then I decided to start over and use this one, because the stitch pattern here more closely mirrors the one in the Lady E pattern.

Speaking of handy things, I am playing along with a request from Lori on Thrums to show a picture of my hands.  Since I took this picture myself, it's only one hand, but it's doing one of my favorite things...petting Willow's soft head.


LD said...

oh! I love this! There's just something special about seeing hands in motion, and this picture made me relax and remember petting my own golden retriever, Niles. Thank you for playing along!


Unknown said...

I like that you joined in the hand posting. Your dog is a cutie!

Unknown said...

I bet that dog is smiling! Reminds me of my Zora. :)

Learning Entrelac knitting is on my to do list... Kinda been putting it off. I'll check your links. Thanks!

Stephanie said...

I saw you visited my blog and saw my sweet pups, so I thought I would visit yours too! It's always good to find other dogs lovers. I love the face they give you when you pet them ... unconditional love!

music front said...

yeah., great sounds interesting.,.