Thursday, June 3, 2010

BSJ: Finally Off the Sticks!

Off the needles, but still not officially done.  I think I spent more time reading on Ravelry about all the different modifications that people have made to this pattern than I actually spent knitting it!  Anyway, I finished stage 5 today and did a 2-stitch I-cord bind off (which I am glad I did).  I still need to seam up the sleeves, add I-cord around the neck edge, sew on the buttons, and I may embroider some little flowers on the back of it.  But hey, it's off the needles and I feel liberated.

I want to start a new project and I am thinking of trying some entrelac, which I have never done before.  I'll need some practice so I can work up to the Lady Eleanor Entrelac Stole.


Kitty said...

Pretty little BSJ! And yes, you should try some entrelac, because it is so so so fun and looks tricky, but really it isn't at all!

Thea said...

Lol. I like reading about modifications on rav too.
It looks cute!