Saturday, May 15, 2010

BSJ Progress (Finally)

I finally seem to be making a little progress on my Baby Surprise Jacket.  I haven't spent that much time on it in the last couple of days, but I have happily cruised into Stage 3 of the project.  I decided to use the kfb, k1, kfb increase and it looks ok so far.  In case I have not mentioned it before, I am following the "5 stages" of the BSJ as described in various KALs in the Ravelry "Baby Surprise Jacket Group":
  • Stage One.  Cast on and rows 1-12: cast on, the double decreases section up to and including the cuff increases, and the row after the cuff increase row;
  • Stage Two.  Rows 13-46: the double decrease section after the cuff increases up to and including the 3 rows worked even;
  • Stage Three.  Rows 47-79: the double increase section, the back fullness row, the neck shaping and up to (but not including) the short rows (i.e. the 10 ridges of the center 90 sts only);
  • Stage Four.  Rows 80 and 81: the 10 ridges of 90 sts (i.e. the short rows);
  • Stage Five.  Rows 82 to the end of the pattern.
So my gauge is off and it is coming out larger than I had hoped.  I didn't really have a size in mind as it's for a friend's baby, and it will fit eventually, right?  Anyway, I remind myself that this is the test drive BSJ and I WILL knit to the end and NOT rip out again.  Progress so far:

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A Crafty Lawyer said...

Good luck with the BSJ -- I've done 3 so far, all in Socks That Rock heavyweight. I've popped over to answer your question on my blog -- I got the cherry needle holder from Burgis Brook Alpacas,