Sunday, May 9, 2010

BSJ Day Two (again)

I haven't had much time to work on my BSJ since I frogged it yesterday, but I have made a little progress.  I decided to make a simple spreadsheet to track my stitch count for each row so I won't lose myself in the stitches again this time.  There are a few spreadsheets out there already, but I didn't see one that lists the rows and counts if you are doing the SSK, K1, K2tog decrease instead of the one called for in the pattern. I will link to my spreadsheet in another post soon.  I am also liking the series of BSJ YouTube videos posted by L2Belt.  She breaks it down into 6 different videos and It's helpful to see her tips on making this sweater.  (you still need the pattern though)

I was reading a little more about the pattern designer, Elizabeth Zimmerman, today and learned that she'd developed the ability to knit while on the back of her husband's motorcycle.  I love the vision I get in my head when I think about that.  Go girl, go.

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