Sunday, May 2, 2010

A.M. Dog Adventures

Willow and I had an eventful walk early this morning.  First we noticed that our neighborhood poop flagger was at it again last night.  We spotted two new bright pink tags---the flagger's signature color.  It looks like the flagger is making an attempt at lamination for a longer-lasting message so it is kind of hard to read.  This first one says:  "1,000,000,000,00 (est. # of plastic bags on earth)".

Across the street we saw this one:  "George Washington Got His Ass Kicked Here.  Have You No Decencey [sic]?"  Ok, so they aren't going to win any spelling bee with this one, but they do demonstrate a keen awareness of this neighborhood's rich Revolutionary War history.

We continued our walk and went into Bennett Park where we saw some of our favorite dog friends (none of whom are suspects--either as the the poopers or the flaggers).  They all looked so cute together, a sea of drooling black and tan as they got some treats from a neighbor...

Back home now, sipping on my morning coffee, I am wondering what inspires the poop flagger to make a hit?  Is it spur of the moment?  Does s/he carry flags around in case of sudden inspiration?  Are the flags prepared one at a time or is there a whole collection waiting to be launched?  Until I catch the flagger in the act, these and many other questions remain unanswered.

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