Monday, April 26, 2010

New Discoveries

I had the pleasure of discovering 2 new things this past winter--Wave Hill and spinning.  Wave Hill is a beautiful public garden and cultural center in the Bronx where artist Robyn Love recently held a participatory art project, House Study/Handmade.  She set up a workspace in a beautiful sun room in the Glyndor Gallery and invited the public to visit and learn to card and spin wool that she dyed using natural materials.  I was lucky enough to get there four times, and learned to use hand carders, a drum carder and a drop spindle.  Visitors were asked to take the skeins of wool created by Robyn and the other spinners and knit, crochet (or even felt) a hat and return it to Robyn by the end of the project period.  Over 50 hats were created and put on display at Wave Hill in March and April.  Last week, participants were invited back for a hat exchange, and the left over hats were then donated to a shelter in the Bronx.

During the winter months, Wave Hill was looking like this:

And when I returned last week for the hat exchange it was starting to look like this:

Inside the sun room, the hat display looked so beautiful with the afternoon sun shining in:

I have since purchased a drop spindle of my own and hope to continue to learn to spin in the coming months.  All in all, a wonderful experience for me--a great combination of fiber arts, nature, charitable giving and camaraderie with fellow crafters in NYC.  Thanks Robyn!

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