Monday, March 8, 2010

Shadows and Sun

What a beautiful day--the weather is warming up and spring is in the air. I took Willow for a long walk and we ran into our dog friend Max and his owner. Willow got a treat.

We headed out to the Hudson River Greenway and hung out at one of the hidden jewels of Northern Manhattan--the Grecian Temple. This beautiful structure was built in 1925 and overlooks the Hudson River.

As the late afternoon sun made its way towards the western horizon it made for some amazing shadows and lines.

And Willow is such a great model...

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Heidi said...

Yes, I see that you are the 100th follower on my blog! Woo Hoo! So now I'm checking out your lovely blog and I'm really liking your photography. The photo of Willow (2 above) is just a kick. I just want to give her a little sratchy scratch. Cute thing.

And of course people care about what you have to say and write! Your life might be mundane to you but to everyone else in the world, it's a different & maybe exciting perspective. Your photography skills are amazing to me. I'm continually working on mine and have trouble figuring out all the bells & whistles on my camera. I don't know what the hell I'm doing most of the time but your photos are inspiration.

Thanks for sharing.