Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Poop That Started It All

I am not a writer. I don't spend much time reading other people's blogs, and I have no idea why anyone would want to read mine. In fact, until recently, I didn't even understand why one would ever start a blog. Are they self-indulgent? Vain? Self-absorbed? Too much time on their hands? Maybe so, maybe not.

I for one, as a currently under-employed consultant, do have a bit too much time on my hands at the moment. It is this fact, plus the mysterious poop flag, that put me over the edge. I decided to start a blog, and here I am. So you must be wondering now: "What's poop got to do with it?"

I was walking down the street in front of my apartment building several weeks ago and I saw this on the sidewalk. Is it art? A school project? A neighborhood vigilante out for street justice against poop-scoop scoff laws? You decide.

As a dog owner who always picks up after her dog, I find it abhorrent how many people seem to think they do not have to clean up their dog's poop. So, I found this poop flag to be not only a creative and attention-grabbing "clean streets campaign", but just plain hilarious as well. The poop flag says it all: "Why?" Oh why indeed.

Then, this past Saturday, I spotted one again. This time, another zealous neighbor seems to have taken part in an unexpected opposition to the poop flagger--posting the larger white sign questioning the poop-flagger's motives. I will be watching to see how this plays out in the coming weeks.

So you see, it's the poop, and these ensuing pictures of the poop that started it all. Because really, what else would I do with pictures of poop with flags in them? This needed to be shared with others. I started this blog to share not only this little slice of life, but hopefully other daily experiences, creations, interactions and musings from my little corner of New York City.

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Village Books said...

I so love this! Poop communication! Keep us posted!