Sunday, March 14, 2010

It's High Time for Pie Time

We've been working on our pizza dough recipe for months.  Each time making subtle changes--adding a little more salt, a little less salt, honey instead of sugar, trying different kinds of yeast--always a little adjustment here or there.  We recently settled on a method of pizza dough making that requires overnight fermentation in the refrigerator. If it rests in the fridge for 2 days it's even better, and it can be frozen and thawed and still tastes great! It makes a delicious crust that is crunchy in the right places and has that little bit of "give" in the fat part of the crust.  Our recipe was inspired in part by this one we found while surfing the net for magical insights on pizza dough craftsmanship.  Here is my little dough man in action:

And the finished products--3 pizzas:  broccoli, margherita, and taleggio & mushroom:

Really delicious.  I could eat this every day.

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monica said...

yummy looking dinner.